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“Staff is always courteous and professional.  Staff treats you like a family member.”

Ecoli Vaccine Volunteer

“Yes always a good experience in every way.  Good to know participation benefits many, not just me.”

Ecoli Vaccine Volunteer

“Nice staff, easy instructions, very nice experience”

Pleased Volunteer

“Absolutely love the staff at this location and all the info and studies they do”

Pleased Volunteer

“The Staff is always courteous and respectful.  I am glad to participate in research!”

Pleased Volunteer

“As a parent I highly recommend”

Acne Volunteer

“The staff was friendly and kind. They take care of your questions and concerns”

Pleased Volunteer

“Just wanted to say thank you.  I’m grateful to have the shingles vaccine.”

Shingles Vaccine Volunteer

“My son-in-law is a research chemist with a large pharmaceutical company, and is so appreciative of my involvement in the studies. He says without the study volunteers, much of his work is for nothing.”

Flu Vaccine Volunteer

“Have participated in many hypertension and osteoporosis studies, and felt great especially with the osteoarthritis. In fact, do not know since it was a blind study what all I received, but have not been able to quite duplicate with my doctor. Felt as though the staff were friends – very courteous and friendly – but also professional. Thanks for letting me participate.”

Osteoarthritis Volunteer