Healthy Volunteers – COVID-19 Clinical Trials

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AMR Wichita East, AMR Wichita West, AMR Newton and AMR El Dorado are currently seeking healthy volunteers to support clinical trials to combat COVID-19.

As part of one of America’s largest private clinical research companies – Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR), our Kansas City clinical research center is currently conducting one of the first clinical research studies for a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Heartland Research Associates is growing its database of healthy volunteers who might be candidates for future studies which will be starting over the next twelve months.

How can you help?
Simple! If you are interested in a COVID-19 focused study, just contact our recruitment specialists. Please share this message with friends and family to give them a chance to consider volunteering as well!

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Learn more about our current COVID-19 study in Kansas City and also our increased safety measures below:

KCTV 5 – Kansas City

Increased Safety Measures…

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To learn more, please call:

Wichita East location at 316-689-6652
Wichita West location at 316-462-0420
Newton location at 316-283-0828
El Dorado location at 316-600-5127


Please fill out your information below and a Heartland Research specialist will contact you with more information for this study.  The form itself indicates EAST WICHITA LOCATION but will be routed to the correct location based on your answers.

The information you provide is entered in our secure, password protected database. The provided information will only be used to contact you to tell you more about the study. You have the choice to have your information saved or removed from our records. If you elect to have contact information saved within our database, it will remain indefinitely. To be removed please call a Heartland Research specialist at 316-689-6634 or email

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