With over 20 years experience in conducting clinical trials, Heartland Research has developed successful marketing and advertising strategies to recruit volunteers.  Heartland Research has five full-time Patient Referral Specialists and a full-time Business Development Department developing marketing and advertising plans specific to enrolling trials.

Specifics for strategies include the following…

  • Heartland Research has a database containing over 30,000 active volunteers.  Patient Referral Specialists are able to identify potential volunteers based on health history, medications, race, age, and sex.
  • Each of the Heartland Research locations is located within family practice clinics.  This allows our investigators to refer patients from their own family practice.  The additional benefit is investigators are able to see their own patients through the research visits.
  • Advertising plans are created before enrollment begins.  Patient Referral and Marketing Specialists create strategies that draw specific audiences to take action.  Advertising efforts include email campaigns, television or radio commercials, direct mailers, and print ads.
  • Heartland Research encourages volunteers to share his or her research experience with friends and family.  These positive messages help increase our research database weekly.
  • Patient Referral Specialists attend local expos, events, and visit with local physicians.  These outreach efforts focus on educating the public of medical research and volunteering.
  • Investigators often appear as guest speakers at events or groups.  Investigators share information regarding diagnoses and research currently being done.
  • Weekly meetings are held by staff members and investigators to discuss enrolling trials and offer advice and opinions to help identify volunteers.

Sponsors inquiring about one of our research locations for an upcoming clinical research trial, please contact our Business Development department at 316-640-0928 or