HRA Results

Heartland Research Associates’ mission is to provide quality medical care to our research participants, with a commitment to accurate and precise data for our sponsors.
The resulting strong relationship we have with our patients, aids in successful recruitment, compliance, and retention.

  • Heartland Research has completed over 1000 clinical trials in multi-specialty research, resulting in an average enrollment success rate of 113%
  • Consistently meet site enrollment goals before sponsors estimated recruitment dates.
  • Recruitment strategies result in sites having the first patient enrolled nationally in various indications.
  • Completed Phase I, Device, Biologic, and Vaccine Trials.
  • Heartland Research has had 10 FDA audits, due to high enrollment, resulting in no findings.
  • Quality Assurance department reviews 100% of all sources!

Our quality assurance team has over 25 years experience creating data collection documents, reviewing sources, and as Clinical Research Coordinators. Sponsors and CROs expressed how effective and precise our source documents collect data from study start. Heartland Research contributes proven success with FDA audits due to our quality of source documentation and quality assurance department.

  • Heartland Research locations follow and maintain Standard Operation Procedures.  This assures Sponsors and CROs consistency and quality of data will be optimal.
  • Retention strategies support studies having average of a 91% retention rate.  These strategies include patients volunteering from the investigators family practice and exceptional one-on-one care.  Supporting strategies include reminder phone calls, birthday cards, and quarterly newsletters.
  • Data is entered within 2-3 business days and studies are monitored regularly for queries.

Sponsors inquiring about one of our research locations for an upcoming clinical research trial, please contact our Business Development department at 316-640-0928 or