Referring Physicians - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer a patient to a research trial?[+]

Click on studies link to review current trials at Heartland Research.  If a study is of interest please contact Kelsey Burden at 316-640-0928 or for additional information.

What are the costs for a patient?[+]

Patients are not charged for participation.  They are volunteers and to help with travel expenses many sponsors provide a stipend for completed visits.  Patients should always maintain their current insurance plans.

How is the primary health care provider kept informed of the patients health?[+]

Heartland emphasizes exchanging clinical information to primary care physicians so together the patient receives the best possible treatment.  Volunteers are asked at the first research visit if they would like their primary care physician notified of their participation.  Once the medical release is signed, physicals, lab reports, EKGs, and study related procedures are all available to the documented physician.

When a patient volunteers for a study who provides his or her routine care?[+]

Participation in a research study does not replace a patient’s routine care.  Heartland encourages patients to maintain follow-up care with their health care professional.