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Male Baldness – East

Male Baldness – East

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Shingles Vaccine

Shingles Vaccine

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Welcome to Heartland Research

Heartland Research greatly values research volunteers! No advances in medication could be made without volunteers participating in clinical trials and taking an interest in medical research. Volunteering allows you to help advance knowledge about future treatments that someday you or a loved one may benefit from.

Located within the Heartland of the United States, Heartland Research Associates is an independent, dedicated clinical research organization. Heartland Research Associates specializes in all phases of clinical research services for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and medical device industries.

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Actively participate in ground-breaking research that could have a profound impact on the field of medicine. Supporting clinical research may help you and millions of others.

Benefits of Study Participation

  • Receive study related care
  • Help the advancement of medications
  • Compensation for time and travel


Heartland Research Associates, LLC has four dedicated research facilities;  East Wichita, West Wichita, Newton and Augusta Kansas locations conduct multi-specialty clinical trials.

Investigators are supported by clinical research staff including Certified Clinical Research Coordinators, Nurses, Data Entry Specialists, Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Patient Referral Specialists.

Over 900 research trials have been completed with pharmaceutical companies with an average success rate of 108%. Patient identification begins before trials open to enrollment leading to exceeding goals before study recruitment periods end! All sources are 100% reviewed by Quality Assurance Specialists and Data is entered within 48 hours.

Heartland-Research-Logo-PlaceholderReferring a patient to a clinical trial is like referring to a specialist.  Routine care is provided by the primary physician and routine care is followed as deemed fit.  Patients will receive evaluations and a form of treatment, in the clinical trial, just as they would with a specialist.

Regular communication will be extended among physicians. Refer a patient today!

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